New Zealand Identifier Registry

The New Zealand Identifier Registry (formerly called the OID Registry) can be downloaded as a PDF document or viewed in Google Docs.

Document History

14 Apr 20131.0Replaces original web version
23 Oct 20131.1Add new documents for LTC and GP2GP version 2
11 Mar 20141.2Add new OIDs for maternity care summary
17 Jun 20141.3Additional maternity care summary OIDs
20 Apr 20151.4 – 1.6Minor unpublished updates
01 May 20151.7Addition of ULM code tables
31 Jul 20151.8Addition of Ambulance template sections
22 Jan 20161.9 – 1.11Addition of Sundry entries
19 Apr 20171.12Additional code system OIDs for Midland
05 Jul 20181.13Fix document corruptions
28 Jun 2020 1.14Deprecated Pharmacy Guild OID
29 Sep 20211.15Additional OID for Orion Health
11 Nov 20211.16Additional OID for HL7 Soup


These OIDs are issued by HL7 New Zealand as the registration authority for New Zealand for OIDs
derived from the HL7 International trunk. The HL7NZ root is 2.16.840.1.113883.2.18 Requests for
New Zealand OIDs from this root can be directed to

This document is broken into three sections. The sections are for CDA template ids, NZ specific code
systems and NZ specific value sets.

The code systems are vocabularies that are defined in various supporting specifications and may be
maintained by other bodies. When a specified sub set of codes is used from a code system then this
set of codes is known as a value set.