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Australian & New Zealand experiences of the May 2023 HL7 International WGM in New Orleans, USA

Friday 26 May 2023 – (15:00 NZST)

Joint HL7 Australia & HL7 New Zealand webinar  

The purpose of this free webinar is for HL7 AU & NZ members and interested individuals to hear from the Australian and New Zealand delegates attending the 7-12 May 2023 HL7 International Working Group Meeting in USA.
We are also delighted to welcome again Viet Nguyen, HL7 International Chief Standards Implementation Officer on the panel.
HL7 International holds its working group meetings (WGM) three times per year. The May 2023 meeting followed a new format by including international standards and global healthcare organisations such as World Health Organisation as part of HL7’s mission to strengthen its global relevance and influence. In addition to providing up to-the-minute strategic updates, the aim of these WGMs is to provide the opportunity for work groups to meet to work on standards via the more than 40 work groups dedicated to specialised areas such security, pharmacy, and patient administration.
Friday 26 May (15:00 NZST)
1 – 1.5 hours

  • Welcome Reuben Daniels, Director, HL7 Australia
  • Speakers:
    • Viet Nguyen : Chief Standards Implementation Officer, HL7 International
    • Peter Jordan : Affiliate Director, HL7 International
    • Grahame Grieve : FHIR Product Director
    • Reuben Daniels, Co-Chairs Terminology Services Management Group & Vocabulary Work Group
    • John Grimes : Health Data Engineer, CSIRO
    • Liam Barnes: Senior Experimental Scientist, CSIRO
    • Sarah Gaunt: Senior Information Analyst at Lantana Consulting Group
    • Brian Postlethwaite (TBC):
    • John Carter: Chair, HL7 New Zealand
  • Questions and Answers from attendees to speakers
  • Close: John Carter, Chair, HL7 New Zealand

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Announcement: 2022 HL7 NZ AGM

All current members are invited to the 2022 Annual General Meeting of HL7 New Zealand.

This year’s meeting will be held virtually via ZOOM and you are requested to advise your attendance in advance – we will then send the ZOOM log in details to you 24 hours before the meeting.

Nominations are now open for TEN Board positions and must be received no later than 10am on Wednesday 16th November 2022.

We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 17th November 2022.

Agenda (link)

Previous AGM Minutes (link)

Board Nomination (link)

Proxy Form (link)

Webtools Dads on FHIR lunchtime webinar

Set for Friday 9th September 2022 at 1pm – directly after the FHIR WG meeting.

Webtools and the DHA are holding Webtools Dads on FHIR lunchtime webinar. Registration at https://events.humanitix.com/webtools-dads-on-fhir

From Webtools’ post on LinkedIn:

Join us next week for Webtools Dads on FHIR! 🔥 A lunchtime webinar sharing our experience of building apps on FHIR and developing innovative, standards-based health tech 🚀

We’ve teamed up with Peter Jordan and HL7 New Zealand for the webinar, which will be presented by our own Karl Donaldson (CTO), Matt de Haan (Senior Developer), and Alex Procter (Intermediate Developer) – who also all happen to be new dads!

If you’re a developer working in digital health, this is a great opportunity to hear first-hand about how Webtools approached standards implementation, what worked, and the lessons we learnt. For good measure, there might even be some dad jokes thrown in!

📅 Friday 9 September, 1.00pm
👇 Link in comments to register – we look forward to seeing you there!


HL7NZ Webinar Series 2021 – Implementing a FHIR® Based Medications Management Solution

Thank you to Greg Garrett, and the Medimap team for presenting, and to the participants that took part our final webinar for 2021 held on Thursday 9 December 2021

You can find the Powerpoint presentation HERE

Don’t forget to send topic suggestions for future webinars to admin@hl7.org.nz 

HL7NZ Webinar Series 2021 – Healthpoint FHIR® API

To those who attended our webinar on November 11th where John Williams (Director, Healthpoint) and Samantha Burchell (Operations Manager, Healthpoint)  gave  an excellent practical presentation around the development and use of HL7® FHIR® in the Healthpoint Directory Service. This Service is frequently mentioned in the lunchtime updates on COVID-19, as a source of information on vaccination and testing sites and the role that HL7 FHIR® has played in supporting New Zealand’s pandemic response.

For those who could not join us we are pleased to provide the presentation and recording.

Thank you to HL7NZ members John Williams and Samantha Burchell for an extremely interesting insight into the power of FHIR®

HL7 NZ 2021 Annual General Meeting – Thursday 18 November at 3pm

The 2021 HL7 New Zealand Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 18thNovember at 3:00pm virtually via ZOOM.  Ten seats on the Executive Board were up for election and these were filled by eight members of the previous board along with new members Gordon Inkson (MedTech) and Daniel Thomson (Ministry of Health). The outgoing Board Members – who both voluntarily stepped down after huge contributions – were Alastair Kenworthy (Ministry of Health) who served for 10 years on the Board and was the key link in our evolving relationship with the Ministry of Health and HISO; and Derek Buchanan who provided thought leadership, notably with regard to HL7 education and certification both in the local and international communities.

The Chairman’s and Treasurer’s Annual Reports, presented to the Meeting, can be found in the minutes.

At the first meeting of the new Board, held directly afterwards, the following officers were unanimously re-elected for two-year terms up to November 2023: Peter Sergent (Vice Chair) and David Moorhouse (Treasurer).  Peter Jordan (Chair) and Linda McKay (Secretary) will continue in their roles until November 2022, having been elected to serve two year terms in November 2020.

HL7NZ Webinar Series 2021 – HL7® FHIR® HPI Profiles

Thank you to those who attended the October HL7NZ Webinar Series 2021 where Daniel Thomson and Pat Ryan – both Solution Architects at the NZ Ministry of Health presented their views and practical experience on HL7® FHIR® HPI Profiles and covered their recent work on the HPI FHIR® API implementation.  An opportunity for Q&A was also offered at the conclusion of the presentations which provided some great insight around implementation considerations. 

For those who could not attend, you can find the recording of the presentation here plus PowerPoint presentations from Daniel Thomson and Pat Ryan.

Feel free to send topic suggestions for future webinars to admin@hl7.org.nz

HL7NZ Webinar Series 2021 – HealthOne’s FHIR® Engine

Thank you to those who attended this afternoon’s HL7NZ Webinar Series 2021 where we presented:

HealthOne’s FHIR® Engine
David Moorhouse, Development Manager with HealthOne discussed the use of HL7® FHIR® by HealthOne to build a class-leading, mature API Interface, and an advanced data extraction service to ensure the highest quality information is consistently updated into its secure FHIR database.

For those who could not attend, you can find the recording of the presentation here and the associated PowerPoint presentation here.

Our next HL7NZ webinar takes place via ZOOM at midday on Thursday 21st October where presenters from the Ministry of Health will discuss FHIR HPI Profiles – including recent work with the Simplifier FHIR registry.  More details to follow soon.

HL7NZ Webinar: Medtech Global FHIR® Platform ALEX

Thank you to those who attended the HL7NZ midyear Webinar on June 23rd – if you did not manage to attend on the day here is the link to the presentation kindly delivered by Medtech Global, Managing Director- Dr Geoff Sayer who discussed the development of Medtech’s new Platform ALEX (Application Layer EXchange) that allows third-party applications to securely integrate with the Medtech32 and Evolution Practice Management systems, via APIs built on HL7 FHIR.

A report of the Webinar is available to subscribers of Pulse+IT.

Enjoy HL7NZ member benefits – contact us admin@hl7.org.nz 

HL7 New Zealand – Annual General Meeting 2020 Report

The 2020 Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 26th November at 3:00pm at the offices of the Clanwilliam Group in Auckland.  Eight members of the previous Board Members were re-elected along with Derek Buchanan, Michael Hosking, Anna-Marie Scroggins (Health Alliance) and Matt Valentine. The outgoing Board Members – who all voluntarily stepped down after huge contributions – were Karen Blake (Health Alliance), Martin Entwistle, David Fallas and David Hay (Chair Emeritus).

The Chairman’s Annual Report, presented to the Meeting, can be found here.

At the first meeting of the new Board, held directly afterwards, the following officers were unanimously elected for two-year terms: Peter Jordan (Chair) and Linda McKay (Secretary). Peter Sergent (Vice Chair) and David Moorhouse (Treasurer) will continue to serve in their current positions having been elected for two-year terms in November 2019.