NZ FHIR Extension Registry (Beta)


These are NZ-specific extensions to the HL7® FHIR® Specification that are considered to have a scope of use beyond individual projects or products. The Base Address for these extensions is and the IDs in the table below all point to a resolvable Uniform Resource Location (URL) containing the related Structure Definition Resource. The FHIR Maturity Model (FMM) is used to indicate the level of stability and implementation readiness of each extension, as determined by the HL7NZ FHIR Implementation Work Group (it is likely to reflect the number of known implementations).

Resource / Data TypeIDDescription & Usage ExampleFMM
Addressbuilding-name The name of a building cited in an address.
Addressnz-geocode New Zealand Geocode. This uses a different datum from that defined in the HL7 FHIR specification for a Geocode.
Addresssuburb Suburb element of a New Zealand Address. 

<extension url=””>
   <valueString value=”Rototuna North” />
edi-address  Represents an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) address used by a Healthcare Facility, Organisation or Service. 
dhb  District Health Board relating to a NZ Healthcare Service, Location (Healthcare Facility) or Patient (primary, physical home address) 

<extension url=””>
        <system value=”” />
        <code value=”G00027-C” />
        <display value=”Waikato District Health Board” />
MedicationRequestnzeps-supply-period-reason The reason for a non-standard supply period, e.g. the patient going abroad.

<extension url=””>
       <valueString value=”Patient going overseas for 3 months” />
MedicationRequestnzeps-unusual-dose-quantityIndicates if an unusual dose quantity has been prescribed deliberately. 

<extension url=””>
       <valueBoolean value=”true” />
Patientbirth-place  The country where the person was born. 
Patientcitizenship NZ Citizenship Status.
Patientdomicile-code NZ Domicile Code. Derived from a patient’s primary, physical home address. 
Patientinformation-source  The official source of information held about a patient.  
nz-ethnicity  The ethnicity of the patient. Uses level 4 codes (most detailed). 
Patientpatient-iwi Social Units in  Aotearoa (New Zealand) Māori society
Patientsex-at-birth A person’s sex at the time of their birth (considered to be immutable). 

Requests for additions to this list should be sent to HL7 New Zealand. In determining whether to add an Extension to this Registry the following will be considered by the HL7 New Zealand FHIR Implementation Work Group…

  1. Whether the extension has been published elsewhere, notably the FHIR Registry
  2. Feedback from the FHIR Implementer Community – principally, but not limited to, New Zealand
  3. The potential scope of use (NB at the request of a member, HL7 New Zealand may also host a valid NZ Extension that is considered outside the scope this Registry)
  4. The extension URL must consist of the Base Address of followed by the extension ID
  5. The extension definition must be created and/or validated by this Work Group and include the following attributes…
  <publisher value="HL7 New Zealand" />

      <system value="email" />
      <value value="" />
      <use value="work" />

      <system value="urn:iso:std:iso:3166"/>
      <code value="NZ"/>

  <copyright value="HL7 New Zealand© 2020+; Licensed Under Creative Commons No Rights Reserved."/>