Monthly Archive 16 July 2018

HiNZ 2018 – featuring FHIR® Connectathon pre conf workshop

New Zealand’s first ‘official’ HL7® FHIR® Connectathon will be an interactive event in which participants can test their FHIR implementations, parts of the specification itself, or simply learn more about the most important new standard in healthcare information interoperability. The hands-on nature of the event encourages attendees to pass data, via APIs, between client applications and FHIR servers, plus utilise cloud-based testing services. 

The Connectathon will be divided into ‘streams’ that will focus on specific topics of interest to the NZ Sector. At this stage, subject to demand, we are planning to offer the following…

  1. Patient – specifically for those new to FHIR
  2. Terminology Services
  3. Adverse Event Reporting
  4. Directory Services
  5. Health Pathways

If you have suggestions about additional ‘streams’, or questions about the workshop content, please email HL7 chair Peter Jordan.

$159 (for HiNZ or HL7NZ members)
$199 (for non-members)