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HL7NZ FHIR Connectathon Nov 20, 2018 – Information for Participants

Many thanks for registering for New Zealand’s first ‘official’ HL7® FHIR® Connectathon.As previous advised the Connectathon will be divided into ‘Tracks’ focussing on specific topics of interest to the NZ Health & Disability Sector…

  1. Patient – FHIR Introduction (Lead Dr David Hay, FHIR Management Group)
  2. Adverse Event Reporting (Lead Dr David Hay, Chair Emeritus HL7NZ)
  3. Terminology Services (Lead: Dr Michael Lawley, Co-Chair SNOMED on FHIR)
  4. Directory Services (Lead: John Carter, HL7NZ Board Member)
  5. Health Pathways (Lead: Brian Postlethwaite, FHIR Core Team)

In order to assist in our preparations, we request that you to register with the Connectathon Manager App and indicate the Track(s) in which you wish to participate. This App contains further details about each Track, including links to further information and resources that will enhance your Connectathon Experience.Those who are intending to bring devices to participate interactively should note that the preferred (but not mandatory) version of FHIR to use is Release 4 September Ballot and that links to various technical resources can be found on the Downloads Page in the FHIR Specification.If you have any further suggestions or questions about the workshop content,please email HL7 chair Peter Jordan.Alternatively we recommend that you join the FHIR Chat Site and subscribe to the New Zealand Stream to join in the interactive conversations on the HL7NZ FHIR Connectathon Thread.We look forward to seeing you all in Wellington!

HL7NZ AGM 2018

All current HL7NZ members are invited to attend the HL7NZ AGM – Wed 28th November, 4pm at Sysmex NZ, 386 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland.


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