Monthly Archive 19 October 2020

HL7NZ Webinar – Migrating to FHIR® From Previous Versions of HL7®

Many thanks to those of you who were able to attend the latest in our series of Webinars regarding HL7 FHIR Implementation on October 14th. For those wishing to explore links in the presented material, or who were unable to attend the Webinar Presentation can be viewed here.

We are hoping to host at least one more Webinar in this series this year and would welcome suggestions from Members as to any future topics that they would like us to cover, including presentations of their own HL7 FHIR implementation experience to date. Please forward your thoughts and ideas here.

HL7 New Zealand – Spring 2020 Update:

HL7 International recently held its 34th Annual Plenary and Working Group Meeting  and 25th FHIR Connectathon. These events were attended by a combined total of over 1,000 worldwide participants but, due to travel restrictions, the location was the virtual Whova platform rather than a hotel basement!  Despite the challenges of ‘time-shifting’, significant progress was made towards the next releases of the HL7® FHIR® standard. Look out for some detailed announcements about this in the coming weeks.

The New Zealand standards community received a recent boost with the publication of the HISO Interoperability Roadmap which further cements the role of FHIR® in ‘accelerating the shift to a fully interoperable digital health ecosystem’. In support of this HL7 New Zealand is pleased to continue its series of one-hour lunchtime webinars on topics relating to the implementation of FHIR®.

The next in this series will take place on Wednesday 14th October from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm…

Migrating To FHIR® From Previous Versions of HL7®

This Webinar will be aimed at those seeking to migrate existing implementations, whether based on HL7 version 2 messages or CDA documents. Discussions will also consider whether we should continue to perform any further upgrades within the version 2 ‘product family’ or move directly to FHIR.

We all also consider some of the challenges faced by those already on the road to FHIR API implementation. These include how to use the FHIR collection resources (Bundle, Document, Composition, etc) to satisfy requirements which require a variety of clinical and administrative resources, such as a Patient Summary. Feedback from implementers on their use of FHIR extension will also be canvassed.

This event is being offered, free of charge, to HL7 New Zealand members only. To attend this and future Webinars in the series, we encourage Non-Members to join us by sending an email with your full contact details and we will send you a membership payment invoice. 

Members wishing to attend should register their interest should do so here. Zoom login details will be provided closer to the day.