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Australian & New Zealand experiences of the May 2023 HL7 International WGM in New Orleans, USA

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Friday 26 May 2023 – (15:00 NZST)

Joint HL7 Australia & HL7 New Zealand webinar  

The purpose of this free webinar is for HL7 AU & NZ members and interested individuals to hear from the Australian and New Zealand delegates attending the 7-12 May 2023 HL7 International Working Group Meeting in USA.
We are also delighted to welcome again Viet Nguyen, HL7 International Chief Standards Implementation Officer on the panel.
HL7 International holds its working group meetings (WGM) three times per year. The May 2023 meeting followed a new format by including international standards and global healthcare organisations such as World Health Organisation as part of HL7’s mission to strengthen its global relevance and influence. In addition to providing up to-the-minute strategic updates, the aim of these WGMs is to provide the opportunity for work groups to meet to work on standards via the more than 40 work groups dedicated to specialised areas such security, pharmacy, and patient administration.
Friday 26 May (15:00 NZST)
1 – 1.5 hours

  • Welcome Reuben Daniels, Director, HL7 Australia
  • Speakers:
    • Viet Nguyen : Chief Standards Implementation Officer, HL7 International
    • Peter Jordan : Affiliate Director, HL7 International
    • Grahame Grieve : FHIR Product Director
    • Reuben Daniels, Co-Chairs Terminology Services Management Group & Vocabulary Work Group
    • John Grimes : Health Data Engineer, CSIRO
    • Liam Barnes: Senior Experimental Scientist, CSIRO
    • Sarah Gaunt: Senior Information Analyst at Lantana Consulting Group
    • Brian Postlethwaite (TBC):
    • John Carter: Chair, HL7 New Zealand
  • Questions and Answers from attendees to speakers
  • Close: John Carter, Chair, HL7 New Zealand

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