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Industry Briefing – MOH Architecture & Standards Working Groups


NZHIT is organising an industry briefing in conjunction with the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Architecture and Standards Working Groups and HL7NZ on Monday 29th October from 10am-1pm in Auckland – click here for more information.

This is your opportunity to receive an update direct from the MOH and the Working Groups, PLUS participate in a workshop so your input can be taken into account and factored into the development of standards for the key domain areas of Connected Health, Digital Identity and Interoperability.

Be very aware that these standards will have an influence on the type and direction of digital health services provided to NZ’s healthcare sector in the future. So, you are strongly advised to participate now so you can fully understand the changes that are being planned and have your say about them.

ATTENDANCE IS FREE and…..if your organisation is a NZHIT and/or HL7NZ member then you will receive priority booking status for this workshop.  If your organisation is not a NZHIT or HL7NZ member then you will be placed on a wait-list and notified if there is an available space for you to attend.

For more information on joining please click here for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at the briefing on the 29th!

HiNZ 2018 – featuring FHIR® Connectathon pre conf workshop

New Zealand’s first ‘official’ HL7® FHIR® Connectathon will be an interactive event in which participants can test their FHIR implementations, parts of the specification itself, or simply learn more about the most important new standard in healthcare information interoperability. The hands-on nature of the event encourages attendees to pass data, via APIs, between client applications and FHIR servers, plus utilise cloud-based testing services. 

The Connectathon will be divided into ‘streams’ that will focus on specific topics of interest to the NZ Sector. At this stage, subject to demand, we are planning to offer the following…

  1. Patient – specifically for those new to FHIR
  2. Terminology Services
  3. Adverse Event Reporting
  4. Directory Services
  5. Health Pathways

If you have suggestions about additional ‘streams’, or questions about the workshop content, please email HL7 chair Peter Jordan.

$159 (for HiNZ or HL7NZ members)
$199 (for non-members)

Developers on FHIR Challenge took place 17 March 2018

Read about this event in HINZ eHealthNews
HL7 New Zealand acknowledges the supporters of the 2018 “Developers on FHIR” Challenge 

An enthusiastic group got together in four teams at the University of Auckland this weekend to work on what you can do with FHIR to develop an interoperable adverse events reporting solution!  The goal was to use HL7 FHIR to create solutions for the improved collection, analysis and reporting of adverse event data. The group was also treated to a FHIR masterclass from Dr David Hay, one of the founding developers of FHIR and an international expert on it.  After much deliberation from our judges the winners were (in ranked order).

  1. Ad Rec
  2. FHIRoholics
  3. Medfriend
  4. FallsExtinguisher

2018 “Developers on FHIR” Challenge

HL7 New Zealand in Collaboration with The University of AucklandAnnounce the 2018 “Developers on FHIR” Challenge 

Developers on FHIR Challenge Event – 09.00 – 4.30 March 17th, 2018

This must attend, all-day event is the culmination of the HL7NZ Developer on FHIR Challenge 2018 and will take place at the Tamaki Campus of the University of Auckland
This is where you will present your solution to the judging panel. The top three submissions are eligible for prizes!
FHIR masterclass on 17th March. At the beginning of the day, Dr David Hay, one of the founding developers of FHIR and an international expert on it, will be giving a masterclass on how to use FHIR. This is your opportunity to learn the basics of FHIR and ask questions. Read more about the Challenge here >>


We have finalized three judges and I’m excited to tell you about them. Dr David Hay is New Zealand’s leading expert on the HL7® FHIR® standard. He was originally a GP who became interested in interoperability and subsequently became one of the founding developers of FHIR. He is also a member of the HL7 International FHIR Management Group. Dr John Fountain is the Medical Toxicologist of the National Poisons Centre. He has a particular interest in entrepreneurship and creating new solutions. He is an expert in the risks associated with medical care that result in adverse events. Peter Marks is the Manager of Architecture and Standards at the Ministry of Health. He brings international experience in architecture services, business development, and the development of technologies and their implementation to his role as judge.

Register for the Event 

To attend the event, make a submission, and be eligible for prizes, you must formally register and accept the terms and conditions of participation. 
Many of you have completed the form to express interest in participation, you now need to complete the formal registration form.

All-day Event Agenda and Instructions

Here’s the agenda for the day: Welcome and “state of the nation” with FHIR
— 30 minutesDevelopment session 1 (Teams code solutions)
— 2.5 hoursReview 1 – Feedback, learning and need help
— 30 minutesLunch and NetworkingDevelopment Session 2 (Teams code solutions)
— 2 hoursBreakSolution Pitch
— 1.5 hoursJudges Report and Feedback
— 30 minutesClose Click here for more details of the March 17th Event, including instructions and location >> Participant Instructions

Team Connections                                                                                                                          

A number of people have expressed interest in being connected to others to form teams. To help this process we have created an online sheet with the contact details of those seeking to connect with others. The online sheet enables you to update your entry to describe your skills, which if you edit and complete will help others identify how you can help them. If you are not listed and want to be included, please add your details to the bottom of the list. You can access this online resource here >> Developers on FHIR Participants Seeking to Join Teams It’s over to you to use this resource to connect with others!

Event Briefing

 For further details on the event, its objectives, making a submission, judging criteria, etc see the linked documents below

Event Kick-off Briefing PresentationParticipation Briefing

Need More Information – Go online to see the briefing document, slide deck and other resources (

(Past updates)

Invitation to Join the Event Kick-off Teleconference – 12 pm Tuesday February 13th, 2018

Instructions for Joining the briefing Webinar at 12 pm on Tuesday February 13th 2018 NZDT

  1. The meeting is using Skype for Business
  2. Use the attached meeting invite to save this event in your calendar (It’s from Martin Entwistle HL7NZ Board Member)
  3. Use this link to access the meeting >> Join HL7NZ Developers on FHIR Challenge Briefing (
  4. You will be asked to download the Skype for Business app (if it possible to select the option to join via a web browser)
  5. All participants should join as a guest (even if you have an existing Skype for Business or Microsoft Account)
  6. Read the attached Event Briefing to get further background and prepare questions to raise with the event organisers in the Webinar

Follow-up to Briefing Webinar for Participants – December 19, 2017

A successful briefing session for participants in the Developers on FHIR Challenge 2018 was help on December 19, 2017. This page provides information on next steps action points, the Webinar slide-deck and the latest version of the Briefing for Participants document:

There are some next step action points to call-out:

  • Summary of Requirements for a Submission – slides 2 – 4 of the deck provide a succinct summary of the requirements for submission. If you have questions or require clarification, please contact us (
  • Planning a Submission and Forming Teams – we encourage you to begin planning the solution you would like to develop and submit. Working in teams will help significantly, so think about who you can collaborate with
  • Availability of Resources – HL7 NZ through our sponsor, Microsoft, will be making available a range of resources, including a FHIR server, to support development. Watch for more news on these, but we anticipate them being available for free to participants registered for the challenge before the end of January 2018
  • Discussion Group – We have established a topic on Zulip for participants to ask questions, make comments and connect with others (
  • Plan for the Next Check-in Webinar – The next event in the Challenge series with be a check-in Webinar in early February 2018 . Watch for confirmation of the date!
  • Need More Information – Go online to see the briefing document, slide deck and other resources (
  • Have Questions – Need more information or have questions you want answered, email us at
  • Encourage Others to Participate – Go online and register as a participant (
  • Save the date for the Challenge Event – University of Auckland, March 17, 2018

Want to take part on a fun challenge to create cool apps that directly impact patient care?
Interested to learn how to use the new HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) standard that is taking the world of healthcare information exchange by storm?
This challenge runs from December 2017 to March 2018 and ends in a full day, hands-on event with submitted solutions judged by health sector leaders. Prizes will be awarded for the top three submissions!
If you are an application architect, usability designer, developer or clinician working in the Health and Disability Sector or a student with an active interest in digital healthcare, then this event is for you!


The Board of HL7 New Zealand (HL7NZ), in collaboration with The University of Auckland, is organising “Developers on FHIR” as a fun challenge to create new tools and apps that can directly impact patient care using the new HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) standard that is taking the world of healthcare information exchange by storm.
The proposed “Developers on FHIR” challenge will run from December 2017 to March 2018, culminating in a full day, hands-on face-to face event, hosted by The University of Auckland on Saturday March 17th, 2018, and is being generously supported by Microsoft.

Event Details

Participants will work in teams to develop a client application that utilises a FHIR based-API to tackle a current and important issue directly relating to patient care, the support of clinical care or person-managed health and wellness.
This Challenge will end with a demonstration of the solutions produced to be judged by health sector leaders. We propose to award prizes for the top three submissions! 

Who Should Participate

If you are an application architect, usability designer, developer or clinician working in the Health and Disability Sector or a student with an active interest in digital healthcare, then this event is for you!
Please complete our online registration form to register your interest in participation in the Developers on FHIR Challenge.

More Information 

Need more information or have questions you want answered, email us at

HL7NZ Seminar at HINZ 2017 – NZ Clinicians on FHIR

This all-day event was held as part of the HINZ annual conference on Tuesday 31 October in Rotorua, and was aimed at people with only a minimal (or no) understanding of the new HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard to help them understand what FHIR is, how it fits in the context of sharing health information, and what are the advantages it will bring to those in the business of delivering (and receiving) healthcare in New Zealand – and overseas! The major presenter was HL7 New Zealand Chair Emeritus, Dr David Hay – member of the FHIR Management Group and author of the ClinFHIR tool used at Clinicians on FHIR events around the globe.

Download presentation HERE

Cybersecurity in Health – Tuesday 1st August

Cyber security: Some IT people think it is a business problem, some business people think it’s an IT problem. Any board Chairperson will tell you that when you’ve been hit, it’s a problem for both!

This workshop is specifically designed to bridge the gap between IT and Business to manage the risk of cyber security.

At this important event you will:

  • Meet key government and private sector experts
  • Hear best practice and ask questions to get immediate advice
  • Find out what has changed in the policy area and upskill yourself

The safety of your organisation and its clients depends on it.

Programme includes:

  • Who is trying to hack you?
  • What the future and new technologies will bring
  • You’ve been hacked! Recovery and remediation
  • What does an Incident Response Plan look like?

You will hear about the latest Government policies and tactics, developing an incident response plan, practical case studies, AI/machine learning, blockchain, cloud, mobile devices, IoT, and the pros/cons of outsourcing and insurance. 

Plus there will be lots of audience interaction – so you can ask questions and get expert answers.


  • Peter Plowman, Senior Manager Cyber Crime, Kiwibank
  • Hector Rodriguez, Worldwide Health Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft
  • Richard Harrison, Chief Information Security Officer, healthAlliance
  • Chris Blackford, Department of Internal Affairs
  • Ted Christiansen, Ministry of Health
  • Hayley Power, Senior Engagement Advisor, CERT
  • Heather Ward, Principal Advisor, National Cyber Policy Office
  • Graeme Neilson, CISO & Head of Research, Red Shield
  • Dr Alan Litchfield, Director, Service and Cloud Computing Research Lab, AUT
  • Rick Ferguson, Cylance
  • Sean Au, Founder,
  • Mandy Simpson, CEO, Cyber Toa
  • Mike Gollop, Chief Technology Officer, Conporto Health
  • Dr Karolyn Kerr, Consulting Advisor, Conporto Health
  • Liz Schoff, Director, Pleione Consulting
  • Boris Wilkitzki, Managing Director, Computer and Network Solutions
  • Steve Walsham, Crombie Lockwood Insurance
  • Tim Sewell, Security Manager, Computer Concepts
  • PLUS more speakers to be announced soon…

Download preliminary programme

IHIC 2017 – Athens, Greece

The deadline for submitting scientific full papers or practice reports to IHIC 2017 in Athens is getting closer.Paper submission deadline has been extended to Sunday, June 11th. 


HL7: On the Path to Interoperability

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn what steps healthcare providers are taking in building optimized HL7 application environments. 

Highlights Include:

  • Overview of HL7 standards 
  • The HL7 role in health data interoperability What you’ll learnHL7 is growing as a wide-ranging solution to the requirement for improved interoperability. But merely conforming to HL7 specifications is not enough to deliver superior ITperformance. This webinar will provide an update through insights into the Standards and explore the steps that healthcare providers are taking in building optimized HL7 application environments.After an insightful update and examination of HL7 from a standards perspective, this educational session will discuss strategies that are working in service assurance.  Strategies that will be discussed include building bridges with other departments and assessing business needs.  Attendees will learn how HL7 can be leveraged for optimized IT service assurance.  During this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Overview of HL7 standards
  • The role of HL7 toward achieving health data interoperability
  • How they differ and where they’re used
  • Insight into how HL7 is evolving, particularly with the rapid adoption of HL7 FHIR Restful services
  • How to leverage HL7 to uncover the full context of IT service anomalies across multiple layers which may be contributing to slow application response times and poor user experience in transmitting health information.  That is, health information such as administrative and clinical data between hospital information systems could include:
    • Reduce time to pinpoint source of interoperability issues
    • Troubleshoot network slowdowns rapidly
    • Improve analysis of HL7 interoperability services
    • Decrease analysis time of message sender and receiver issues
  • Learn about the benefits of leveraging IT service assurance technology to achieve benefits for HL7 in healthcare environments:
    • Quickly and Efficiently Triage Service Degradations for HL7 and Other Healthcare Applications
    • Assure High Quality Patient-care User Experience
    • Improve IT Team Collaboration
    • Reduce Monitoring and Vendor Management Complexities and CostsREAD MORE

HL7NZ Annual Mid Year Seminar – 29 May 2017

“Igniting Interoperability: Building a NZ Digital Health Ecosystem with HL7® FHIR® and SNOMED CT®

9am – 4pm Monday 29th May 2017 at Novotel, Auckland Airport MAP

This event is aimed at business analysts, project and product managers, architects and designers from the digital health community.  Topics include:

  • NZ Digital Health Strategy and updates on the National EHR project (to set the scene on the need for interoperability to be predicated on standards-based APIs)
  • The New Zealand Vision for Interoperability Charter.
  • The business level case for using FHIR R3 to build standards-based APIs, with bindings to SNOMED CT.
  • Challenges in using these standards to achieve true interoperability in the NZ Health & Disability Sector – including testing and compliance, plus lessons learned from existing services such as GP2GP.
  • Developing local FHIR artefacts – extensions, identifiers and profiles – in partnership with HISO, following widespread community engagement.
  • Common Services – such as Terminology, Provider Directories, etc.

Invited Presenters:

Darren Douglass:  Deputy Chief Technology & Digital Services Officer – eHealth, Technology & Digital Services, Ministry of Health

Scott Arrol: Chief Executive Officer and Director – NZHIT

Peter Jordan: Chair HL7 New Zealand  

Alastair Kenworthy: Manager Health IT Investment & Standards, Technology & Digital Services, Ministry of Health


  • Current corporate members $150
  • Current individual members $175 
  • Standard $250 (includes 1 year individual membership)
  • Students $80  (includes 1 year student membership)
  • HINZ Member Reciprocal Discount $175 (must be a current member of HINZ)

Fees includes refreshments, lunch and networking drinks function plus free parking in Car Park A

PLUS….at this Event, participate in discussions on breaking international news!

HL7 is pleased to announce that release 3 of FHIR has just been published.

The FHIR community invested a huge amount of work in this release – hundreds of people have contributed to the specification, and there have been thousands of Change Proposals processed (>2400). Most of these change proposals arose from 3 different places:

  •  Implementation Experience (Trial use is working)
  • Alignment with other standards
  • Internal Quality Review processes Some of the key changes:
  • Added support for Clinical Decision Support and Clinical Quality Measures
  • Broadened functionality to cover key clinical workflows
  • Further development of Terminology Services, and support for Financial Management
  • Defined an RDF format, and how FHIR relates to Linked Data
  • Incremental improvements and increased maturity of the RESTful API and conformance framework  READ MORE

Connectathon/Showcase events in 2017

IHE Australia and HISA announce a call for expressions of interest from healthcare IT vendors and professional healthcare organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the Asia/Pacific   for participation in the Connectathon/Showcase events in 2017.

IHE Connectathons are cross-vendor, live, supervised and structured testing events where medical software industry members test implementations of IHE and other standards profiles. The Connectathon also serves as the pre-requisite development and testing ground for the Interoperability @ HIC 17 Showcase which occurs 6 weeks later. IHE Showcases are practical demonstrations of connectivity using live applications connected over a local network, following a “script” that showcases both vendor capability as well as the value of interoperability to patient care. This event is run in the exhibition hall at the HIC where in the past has reached the majority of conference attendees.

In 2017 a key focus will be medical device connectivity, along with IHE on FHIR, in addition to the full range of IHE and HL7 profiles supporting Health Information Exchange and individual health sector workflow.  Kickoff Connectathon/Showcase Webinar   Select the date you wish to attend on the GoToMeeting Site)

1. Monday 5th December2016  8am (Eastern Australia) – 4pm Sunday 4th December (Eastern US)

2. Tuesday 6th December 2016 8am (Eastern Australia) – 4pm Monday 5th December (Eastern US)

3. Wednesday 14th December 2016 8am  Eastern Australia) – 4pm Tuesday 13th December (Eastern US)

Further information

Tour the  virtual Showcase 13

Key dates:

Australian Connectathon 17:                            3rd – 7th July 2017 – Adelaide

Interoperablity @ HIC 17Showcase:                   6th – 9th August 2017 – Brisbane


IHE Events:         Peter MacIsaac +61 0411403462