HL7 New Zealand News – Spring 2023

HL7 New Zealand News – Spring 2023

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We hope that this message finds you well and handling the various climatic challenges thrown at us by the El Nino weather system! Spring is traditionally the busiest time of year for our Affiliate and this year is no exception as the build up to Digital Health Week and our Annual General Meeting commences. We also have some important news from our FHIR Implementation Work Group and an exciting Webinar that HiNZ will be hosting on Wednesday, 18th October.


We are now working towards the publication of the third version of the HL7 FHIR NZ Base Implementation Guide. This is the result of many months of diligent work by our HL7NZFHIR® Implementation Work Group, with broad sector representation.

This Guide contains the base FHIR implementation rules for New Zealand (Extensions, Profiles, Identifiers, and Terminologies). It is an ‘abstract’ artefact from which all other FHIR Implementation Guides in New Zealand may be derived. Thanks to input from a broad range of stakeholders we are sure that it will continue to be a valuable resource for the local FHIR community.

Throughout October and November, the Work Group will be holding weekly, one-hour meetings on Fridays at 12:00pm. All interested parties are welcome to attend these meetings – further details are available on our Web Site.


What is FHIR, where do I learn about FHIR and how do I start working with FHIR are probably the most frequently asked questions by newcomers to the standard. Well – the good news is that, in keeping with FHIR itself, there are numerous free-to-use artefacts. Links to a ‘starting dozen’ of these can be found in this  Reference Sheet produced by HL7 NZ.

In response to questions that we receive about FHIR adoption in Aotearoa New Zealand, we also recommend these sources of information…

Kiwis on FHIR on our Web Site – all additions and updates gratefully received!
Hira Marketplace (Te Whatu Ora) includes a list of APIs for key health information services, and digital services that support or help use health information and data.


HiNZ eHealth Webinar – FHIRing up health interoperability…

Experts from both sides of the Tasman talk about the standards that promise to lift our health systems to new levels of interoperability for joined-up care and better user experience.

FHIR has become a household name as the standard that has moved health data exchange into the modern era. HL7 FHIR Project Director Grahame Grieve will speak about the community-led effort that has produced this now iconic standard and Kate Ebrill will talk about the new Australian FHIR Accelerator.

SNOMED CT puts the ‘fruit on the tree’, as world-leading terminology services provider CSIRO describes it. SNOMED is the standard that gives meaning on digital health records and makes health data truly interoperable.

Alastair Kenworthy will present the International Patient Summary (IPS), the new standard that knits together FHIR and SNOMED that enables borderless exchange of a patient summary and tells the consumer’s health story in digital form.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Leigh Donoghue talk about the digital transformation that these developments enable.
Register here.

Digital Health Week 2023
Make sure to reserve your spot at New Zealand’s premier health information technology conference, Digital Health Week. HL7NZ and Te Whatu Ora will be hosting a pre-conference event you will want to attend: the 2-day IPS-athon on 27-28 November. The IPS-a-thon will be a hands-on opportunity to  exchange the International and NZ Patient Summaries. Technical and non-technical participants equally welcome, and there will be a special track for those new to FHIR. HL7NZ will also be hosting a stand in the Exhibition Hall.


Ngā mihi

Executive Board – HL7 New Zealand

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