Cybersecurity in Health – Tuesday 1st August

Cybersecurity in Health – Tuesday 1st August

Cyber security: Some IT people think it is a business problem, some business people think it’s an IT problem. Any board Chairperson will tell you that when you’ve been hit, it’s a problem for both!

This workshop is specifically designed to bridge the gap between IT and Business to manage the risk of cyber security.

At this important event you will:

  • Meet key government and private sector experts
  • Hear best practice and ask questions to get immediate advice
  • Find out what has changed in the policy area and upskill yourself

The safety of your organisation and its clients depends on it.

Programme includes:

  • Who is trying to hack you?
  • What the future and new technologies will bring
  • You’ve been hacked! Recovery and remediation
  • What does an Incident Response Plan look like?

You will hear about the latest Government policies and tactics, developing an incident response plan, practical case studies, AI/machine learning, blockchain, cloud, mobile devices, IoT, and the pros/cons of outsourcing and insurance. 

Plus there will be lots of audience interaction – so you can ask questions and get expert answers.


  • Peter Plowman, Senior Manager Cyber Crime, Kiwibank
  • Hector Rodriguez, Worldwide Health Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft
  • Richard Harrison, Chief Information Security Officer, healthAlliance
  • Chris Blackford, Department of Internal Affairs
  • Ted Christiansen, Ministry of Health
  • Hayley Power, Senior Engagement Advisor, CERT
  • Heather Ward, Principal Advisor, National Cyber Policy Office
  • Graeme Neilson, CISO & Head of Research, Red Shield
  • Dr Alan Litchfield, Director, Service and Cloud Computing Research Lab, AUT
  • Rick Ferguson, Cylance
  • Sean Au, Founder,
  • Mandy Simpson, CEO, Cyber Toa
  • Mike Gollop, Chief Technology Officer, Conporto Health
  • Dr Karolyn Kerr, Consulting Advisor, Conporto Health
  • Liz Schoff, Director, Pleione Consulting
  • Boris Wilkitzki, Managing Director, Computer and Network Solutions
  • Steve Walsham, Crombie Lockwood Insurance
  • Tim Sewell, Security Manager, Computer Concepts
  • PLUS more speakers to be announced soon…

Download preliminary programme

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