Finding With FHIR – A Developers Guide to HL7 FHIR

Finding With FHIR – A Developers Guide to HL7 FHIR

Thank you to those who attended this informative event on 27 June 2016 which featured an international guest presenter Brian Postlethwaite.  This event continued with the “FHIR and Ice” theme of our very successful FHIR and SNOMED seminars last year, and was aimed at the developer who wants to ‘get their hands dirty’  by creating and/or interfacing with FHIR APIs. Helping us is one of the international experts in FHIR – Brian Postlethwaite. Brian is a member of the FHIR core team, the FHIR Management Group and a co-chair for the Patient Administration working group in HL7. He is also one of the maintainers of the Open Source c# FHIR library.

Brian has deep experience in a number of areas especially the process around referrals – so we’re making the theme of this event how FHIR can support querying provider and services registries – an essential pre-requisite to sending a referral to the right place.

The programme consisted of:

  • FHIR presentations focussing on topics of importance to developers i.e. .the c# library that can be used for both client and server development plus the java library which is designed in a very similar way.
  • The practical aspects to consider when building a FHIR Server, and FHIR support of terminologies – especially SNOMED CT. 

Presentations can be found at these links and the attachments below. 

David Hay Presentation

Peter Jordan Presentation

If you are interested in taking part in an event featuring  subject / topics that affect you…let us know

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